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2010 Preston Beach Skim Contest Results

While we was away the usual Preston Skim Contest in Paignton was held for the 4th year in a row.

Sandskater and the Boathouse had started the event back in 2007 for the local kids, but as we was away in Europe this year, we left the organising to Circle One and Preston Eye.

Even though we was away, Sandskater kept up the support for the local kids and provided a load of prizes in the form of rash vest’s, stickers and dvd’s.

The event went off without a hitch, and reports are everybody enjoyed themselves.

Here are the results:

Under 8’s
1: Lewis Jones
2: Finlay Codd

Under 11’s
1: Will Pedrick
2: Jamie Morrison
3: Luke Flower

Under 16’s
1: Joe Brocklebank
2: Luke Chinnock
3: Will Nicolle

Over 16’s
1: Adam Wootton
2: Oli Bowen
3: Alex Young

Surfers fun catagory
1: Kev Gregory
2: Dane English
3: Garry Wedderburn

Most improved: Will Nicolle
Best air: Joe Brocklebank
Best bail: Barry Rickhuss

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