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2011 Preston Skimboard Contest Results

What a great weekend at the Preston skimboarding contest in Paignton.

The event now in its 4th year, is a great community event, and this year the sun shone for most of the competition.

In the hotly contested over 16 category, Sandskater rider Adam Wootton took the win by half a point from Oli Bowen. One of the closest finishes for years.

The standard of all riders has improved greatly in the past few months, even amongst the under 8’s. Its great to see so many talented youngsters coming up through the ranks.

It was a nice weekend, and was great to catch up with so many people.

Here are the full run down of the results.

Over 16

  1. Adam Wotton (Sandskater)
  2. Ollie Bowen (SkimGB & Circle One)
  3. Alex Young (SkimGB)
  4. Ned Weight (Dune Skimboards & Wear Color)

Under 16

  1. Will Nicolle
  2. Lewis Horne
  3. Kai Deacon

Under 13

  1. Owen Flower
  2. Zak Hodges
  3. Luke Flower

Under 11

  1. Will Pedrick
  2. Jamie Morrison
  3. Michael Sejean

Under 8

  1. Finlay Codd
  2. Matthew Ward
  3. Charlie Rowe


  1. Grant Giles
  2. Joe Chase
  3. Eddie Fender


  1. Alex Libby
  2. Kev Gregory
  3. Garry Wedderburn
  4. Luke Waldron

Best Bail: Tom Baker
Best Air: Lewis Horne

We mustn’t forgot a big thanks to all the sponsors:

  1. The Boathouse
  2. Skim GB
  3. Circle One
  4. The Lantern Lodge Hotel
  5. Infinity Pro

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