A return to skimboarding

Getting back on the board for the first time in years!

Its been a few years since I was last on a skimboard, but this all changed recently after a rainy day meant a few of us met up for a pint at the local pub. A lot of good ideas have been hatched over a pint or two in the past, and this time was no exception. Within a couple of hours I was running around on a cold and rainy Preston Beach – I was skimboarding again!

Even though the conditions were far from ideal, I was having fun, and a plan was hatched to return the following day when the weather was forecast to be warm and sunny. That second day of skimboarding really took its toll. I pulled both calf muscles during the session, which made me realise how out of condition I was haha.

Back on the skimboard for the first time in years!

So I rested up for a few days, but was still stoked about the amount of fun I had skimboarding again. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run for a few days, so decided to head to Newquay for a surf – another thing I hadn’t done in a while. South Fistral was busy, but again, it was a lot of fun.

Looking for my next fix, I decided that it would be good to get back to skimboarding at Mother Iveys Bay as soon as the conditions allowed. I didn’t have to wait long. Magicseaweed had forecast that there would be just enough swell to make Iveys work for skim, and the wind was offshore too. So plans were made to head to Iveys to catch the retreating tide.

Mother Iveys Bay can still produce good skimboarding conditions

It was so good to be back. Iveys had lost none of its appeal. The sand was still beautifully golden with minimal stones, and the waves were still punishing even at the 2-3ft (on sets) that I had to work with. And while we are talking about Iveys sand – yes, it still sticks to everything, coating your skin and all your gear.

Mother Iveys Bay Wave

Skimboarding again after a few years away was really weird. The mental side of it was still there – I knew when to run for a wave, how to read the water, and had the timing dialled straight away. The trouble was it all fell apart when I asked my body to do what it used to do!

Returning to skimboarding made me realise just how fit I used to be. The day at Mother Iveys Bay left me aching from the stress of trying to sprint on soft sand, from trying to wrap waves, and from getting pummelled into the sand – but boy, was I having fun.

And having fun is what skimboarding is all about. It was good to be back!

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  1. Ace post – been in Cornwall skimboarding all this week, my first time ever, so chuffed to see this great site is active again. Thanks for all the tips and advice!

  2. Matt!!!! You are Sandskater again!!!! Woop woop,
    (Remember Challaborough!! Tee hee (o)(o) #bikinifail)

    1. Bought my first ever skim board from you guys about 10 years ago I think. I’m in the same boat as you looking to getting back into it at 39 but thinking the body might not take it like it use too… P. S any links to where I can buy a pro board would be amazing I have struggled since the shop went.

  3. Hi,

    I have been using a wooden skimboard and was looking at getting something to get waves on. Do you know if the circle one carbon boards are any good? I’m mostly concerned with durability.

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