About Sandskater

Sandskater was born out of a passion for the sport of skimboarding. Growing up on the English Rivera in Devon, we started by making woody skimboards from our parents garage in whilst still at school in 1989.

With the worldwide increase in the popularity of skimboarding, and the advent of the internet, we soon found we were disappointed with the inability to get hold of high quality foam core skimboards in the United Kingdom. So in the summer of 2000 we officially founded Sandskater to help promote and support the growing sport and lifestyle that is skimboarding.


Since 2000, Sandskater has grown to be at the forefront of skimboarding promotion in the UK. Our continued commitment to offering free advice, coupled with first class customer service and support, we have established our position at the pinnacle of the sport. Our close ties with all the major players in the United States allows us to stay in touch with all the latest developments, and bring them to you first.

5 years down the road, in November 2005, Sandskater took the leap from internet retailer, to high street retailer by opening the first ever UK skimboard shop, in Paignton Devon. Situated less than 5 minutes walk from the main beach in Paignton, the shop is now the hub of both retail and internet operations for the Sandskater team.

Back at ya…

Sandskater doesn’t just stop at supplying the latest skimboarding equipment. We recognise the importance of supporting the growing skimboarding community. Sandskater run a regular skim jam series across the country. These skim jams are totally free events for all levels of skimboarder, where riders of all abilities can come along to ride amongst other skimboarders and pick up new tricks and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.

UK Skim Fest
Back in 2001, Sandskater organised the first ever skimboarding festival in the United Kingdom. Based at Challaborough Bay in south Devon, the UK Skim Fest has quickly become the highlight of the year for the UK skimboarding community.

US professional skimboarders make the trip over to the UK each year to demonstrate exactly what can be done in UK conditions. This means the Skim Fest draws people from all over the UK keen to get tips from the best skimboarders in the world.

British ESL Contest
Every year since 2009, Sandskater has helped Skim UK organise and run an international skimboarding contest in the UK. It is held at Tolcarne beach in Newquay and is a round of the European Skimboarding League. (ESL)

The very best skimboarders in Europe come to Newquay to compete in what is the best round of the ESL tour. They loved it so much in 2009, it is now a permanent fixture on the UK and European skimboarding calendar.

To date, Sandskater has been featured in:

  • BBC2 Working Lunch program
  • ITV Westcountry Live
  • South Hams radio
  • BBC Radio Devon
  • Daily Telegraph newspaper
  • Herald Express newspaper
  • South Hams Gazette
  • Bournemouth Echo
  • Metro Magazine

Our goal

Our goal is the same as it has always been: to raise the profile of skimboarding in the UK, and support the growing number of UK skimboarders. With your support, you can help us grow skimboarding in the UK to a new level.

More information

If you want to read a little more into how Sandskater came about, check out the story behind Sandskater. You can of course get in contact with us for more info, or if you are a journalist looking for information, have a look at our press centre.

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