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  • A return to skimboarding! Mother Iveys Bay

    A return to skimboarding

    Its been a few years since I was last on a skimboard, but this all changed recently after a rainy day meant a few of us met up for a pint at the local pub. A lot of good ideas have been hatched over a pint or two in the…

  • The open finalists

    Photo Report: 2013 UK International Skimboarding Contest

    What a fantastic weekend we all had down in Cornwall at the UK International Skimboard Contest. There was worry over the conditions, but it all came together in the end, and we were blessed with 2ft glassy sets, and connectable siders. Everybody had a blast as usual, and after the…

  • Will Nicole

    Tolcarne Skimboarding Photos – Sept 2013

    Last weekend, a load of us got up super early (4.15am!) and drove to Cornwall to score some waves at Tolcarne beach in Newquay. To catch the spring high tide we needed to be on the beach at 7am – and that was duly done. Seems everybody was super impressed…

  • Some of the crew at Iveys in 2006

    Forgotten Sandskater photos that you must see!

    I stumbled across some old Sandskater photos on the internet last week. They were being hosted on Flickr, and were uploaded by our good friend Henry Irvine (Henbot!) These were photos that Henry had taken of the Sandskater crew on our skim and surf trips around the south west. There…

  • The Paignton Crew with Mega

    2007 UK Skim Fest Photos

    More photos from the archives again, this time with the 2007 UK Skim Fest held at Challaborough Bay in south Devon on 22/23 September 2007. In 2007 Zap flew Mega from Portugal to the UK for the Skim Fest, and as usual everybody was stoked to see him. The waves…

  • This is why we go to Oleron to skim

    2008 Oleron Skimboarding Photos

    More photos added today, this time from the island of Oleron, off the west coast of France. Oleron is a skimboarding Mecca, due to it’s famous liners and the ever so friendly resident skimboarder, Eric – or to his friends, Ricou! Editing these photos for upload to the website reminded…

  • The 2006 UK Skim Fest crowd!

    2006 UK Skim Fest Photos

    Here’s a blast from the past today, as we bring you a load of photos fro the 2006 UK Skim Fest. The 2006 event was the 5th Annual Sandskater/Zap UK Skim Fest and was held on the 23/24 September at Challaborough Beach in South Devon. The event was sponsored by:…

  • When the tide came up, skim was on!

    Surfing and skimboarding photos from Tolcarne Beach, Newquay

    Earlier in the week a few of us took a trip down to Tolcarne beach in Newquay for a skim and surf. Waves were approx. 2ft on the sets, and it was spring high tides. The result was a good little skim session, but it only lasted about 30 minutes,…

  • Sandskater Matt climbing London Bridge

    Photos: Rock Climbing in Torquay, Devon

    The high pressure that is giving us the current spell of hot and dry weather is not great for giving us any waves, so we have been looking for alternative activities. So for something to do, a load of us went rock climbing at London Bridge in Torquay. London Bridge…

  • Ollie Bowen on his new Cira Skimboard

    Preston beach skim session – May 2013

    An impromptu little get together at Preston beach happened over the bank holiday weekend as an unexpected wave appeared. The locals were ready to take advantage of the near perfect slope. Here’s a few photos from that day:

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