Random Banter!

Misc skim, surf and skate banter from the Sandskater Monkeys

  • Spear fishing in Torquay, Devon

    Video: Spear fishing at Meadfoot beach, Torquay

    Here is another great underwater edit from Torbay skimboarder Toby Jones. showing us what he gets up to when there are no waves about – and lets face it, there hasn’t been many great waves this summer! Sit back, relax and let Toby take you on a chilled out underwater…

  • Some of the crew at Iveys in 2006

    Forgotten Sandskater photos that you must see!

    I stumbled across some old Sandskater photos on the internet last week. They were being hosted on Flickr, and were uploaded by our good friend Henry Irvine (Henbot!) These were photos that Henry had taken of the Sandskater crew on our skim and surf trips around the south west. There…

  • Sandskater on Instagram

    Top skimboarding Instagram accounts you should be following!

    Instagram is a great source of skimboarding photos, and recently I set up Sandskater on Instagram to join in the fun. I have been busy following other skimboarding related Instagram accounts, and thought I would post some of the best accounts for you to follow. Know any more skimboarding Instagram…

  • Snorkelling at Ansteys Cove

    Video: Snorkelling at Ansteys Cove, Torquay

    We have posted up before what some of the Torbay skimboarders get up to when there isn’t much skim to be had, remember the rock climbing photos? Well now, some more of the Torbay skimmers have posted up a video of some fantastic snorkelling at Ansteys Cove in Torquay. Ansteys…

  • Grapes and Wine

    Bonjour, would you like some grapes and wine?

    Found this silly video on my hard drive the other day. It was taken in the Sandskater shop back in 2008. It features a young Alex Libby performing a “chin face”! Its only 7 seconds long, so you got to have a look! I reckon most of the Sandskater crew…

  • Sandskater Matt climbing London Bridge

    Photos: Rock Climbing in Torquay, Devon

    The high pressure that is giving us the current spell of hot and dry weather is not great for giving us any waves, so we have been looking for alternative activities. So for something to do, a load of us went rock climbing at London Bridge in Torquay. London Bridge…

  • Yeo Valley Rap – big up your chest and represent the West!

    This isn’t really anything to do with skimboarding, but it sure is from out part of the world – the West Country. This is a very clever TV advert for Yeo Valley organic products. There are already calls to make this Christmas number 1, so in case you missed it…

  • Fozzy

    Photos: Cliff jumping at Spitchwick

    Bored because of the lack of waves over the weekend, some of the crew took advantage of the nice evening sunshine and headed to Spitchwick on Dartmoor for a cliff jumping session. Here’s the photos from that evening.

  • Paignton Backwash Photos

    We had a bit of surf in Paignton this week, so after the tide got too high, a load of the local guys jumped in for a bit of fun in the backwash against the sea wall. The result is this photo gallery! Remember, these guys are experienced idiots, and…

  • Challaborough Bay - South Devon

    Where the f*** has the skim gone?

    Where the f*** is the skim? If you know, please tell me, coz i haven’t found it yet this season. The 2008/2009 autumn & winter season has been one of the worst ever for skim conditions in the south west. Since September i can can count the number of times…

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