General Surfing Banter

  • When the tide came up, skim was on!

    Surfing and skimboarding photos from Tolcarne Beach, Newquay

    Earlier in the week a few of us took a trip down to Tolcarne beach in Newquay for a skim and surf. Waves were approx. 2ft on the sets, and it was spring high tides. The result was a good little skim session, but it only lasted about 30 minutes,…

  • Brad Domke Visions Video

    Awesome Brad Domke Skurfing Video

    If you haven’t heard of skurfing, then this video featuring Exile skimboards rider Brad Domke, will show what its all about. Basically its a surfing a wave on your skimboard – you don’t start from the beach, you either paddle into the wave on your skimboard (like you would do…

  • Gary Wells on a huge Paignton wave

    2008 Big Paignton Surfing Photos

    Heading back in time to April 2008 when a big easterley swell hit Paignton. Here are some of the photos we took of the surf and local surfers who made the most of it! Most headed for “cowards corner”, but Gary Wells made it out at the pier to score…

  • Seek and you shall find - but you may have to travel a long way for this wave!

    Sandskater’s beach naming policy

    We often get a few emails asking where the certain beaches are that people have seen here on the website, and people have asked why we don’t post up the names of some of the spots. Some beaches are still secret spots, and have a strong local presence. In the…

  • Video: Alex Libby goes to France

    Question: What happens when half of the Paignton crew go to Hossegor? Answer: The result is mayhem, and here is the video entitled “Alex Libby goes to France” to prove it. Try and watch it all if you got a spare half an hour! Enjoy!

  • The finalists: Kev, Adam, Ross, Gary

    Paignton “You Chuze” Surf Challenge Photos

    A couple of weekends ago, when Paignton had some surf, the local crew organised a “You Chuze” surf contest. Its a fun concept, where you have to choose from 4 old boards from the 70’s and 80’s and use that in your heat. No modern boards allowed. Prizes were kindly…

  • 2010 Sandskater Euro Road Trip Video – Part 2: Surfing Portugal

    Following hot on the heels of part 1 of the Euro Road Trip video, here is part two. The video is collection of surf clips from just one session at Leirosa in Portugal earlier this week. For those of you wanting skim footage, then it will be following real soon.…

  • Local grom

    Sandskater Euro Trip: Portugal Photos

    Here’s the first Portugal photo gallery of the trip so far. There’s plenty of photos, including surfing photos. Thanks to Jax at Foz Holidays who provided some of the in water photos. He runs surf camps in Portugal. Enjoy the photos – there’s more to come soon!

  • 2010 Sandskater Euro Road Trip Video – Part 1: France

    Here is the first video instalment of the trip so far. All the footage is shot in France, and unfortunately due to the weather conditions, we haven’t got that much surfing footage. However we have managed to string together an overview of the France leg of the journey. We are…

  • Longboard sequence 8

    Paignton Surf Photos – October 2007

    Today its a blast from the past, with a selection of Paignton surfing photos. A few days of swell in Torbay in October 07, resulted in the usual scramble for waves, and here are the photos from those days.

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