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  • Choosing a skimboard

    Choosing a skimboard

    Choosing a skimboard for the first time is no easy task. With the large range of boards now on offer there are lot to choose from. Picking the right board from the beginning will mean you get maximum enjoyment from day one! Hopefully this quick guide will give you an…

  • GHow to get on your skimboard

    Video: How to get on your skimboard

    Here’s a great video from Zap Skimboards on how to get on your skimboard using the one step drop. Zap employee and skimboarder, Steve Boomhower, takes you through the techniques needed to get on your skimboard smoothly and efficiently, so you carry maximum speed towards the wave. Enjoy!

  • Awesome Brad Domke Skurfing Video

    Exile Skimboards

    Exile Skimboards are widely regarding as having one of the best construction techniques in the skimboarding industry. Exile Skimboards is the result of years of work by company founders Aaron Peluso and Andy Chiavetta. Andy Chiavetta has his own company building composite race aircraft from the ground up. He has…

  • How do I get on the Sandskater Team?

    This is one of the questions I hear the most from all the up and coming groms. And the simple fact is that there are no hard and fast rules to getting on the team – it comes down to a combination of skimboarding ability, commitment and attitude. So with…

  • Circle One Skimboards

    Circle One have been one of the best, if not the best, UK skimboard manufacturers so far. The Circle One range of skimboards are great for first time skimmers, or for skimmers on a budget. The woodys and soft top skimboards are superb for kids and beginners. The Circle One…

  • Mega - pic 7 of 7

    What is skimboarding?

    Skimboarding brings together the skills and tricks required to be a top skater, snowboarder and surfer to create a sport which is fast developing a cult following. Though the hybrid sport looks most like surfing, the range of moves which can be made are much higher. What’s more, you don’t…

  • How to apply skimboard or surfboard deck grip

    How to apply deck grip in 7 easy steps!

    Deck grip provides a couple of essential features that will help your skimboarding or surfing. Number 1, it provides more traction than regular wax. Number 2, the kick tail at the back of the pad allows you to feel where the back of the board is, and number 3 it…

  • How to look after your skimboard

    How to look after your skimboard

    Skimboards aren’t indestructible, if they were, they would be too heavy to ride! Your board can last anything from 6 months to 3 years depending how you ride it. It is common for riders who are just starting out to be quite hard on boards while they are learning. As…

  • Skimboard Construction

    Skimboard Construction – whats your board made from?

    Gone are the days when round pieces of wood were used as skimboards. Modern skimboards use some of the most advanced materials and construction methods available. Technology adapted from aerospace industry results in a high performance board built to take the extreme forces involved in riding shorebreak waves. There’s a…

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