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Exile Skimboards are widely regarding as having one of the best construction techniques in the skimboarding industry. Exile Skimboards is the result of years of work by company founders Aaron Peluso and Andy Chiavetta.

Andy Chiavetta has his own company building composite race aircraft from the ground up. He has been building skimboards for himself and friends since 1992 under the legendary badge of Chia Skimboards.

Aaron Peluso has been intricately involved with the sport since he started in 1995. He has taken construction techniques developed by Andy and adapted them into a mass production process better suited to a commercial enterprise.

Lets take a closer look at some of their boards.

Exile Hybrid Rocker Skimboard

Exile Hybrid Rocker Skimboard

If you want one of the best boards available then this is it. Exiles Hybrid Rocker Skimboards are the best all around rocker choice for riding varied conditions.

Whether you are skimming in fast moving shore-break or where the waves are weak or breaking further out, then this board will help you reach and ride them with ease.

The hybrid design has a small amount of tail rocker which helps it turn quicker than the flatter traditional rocker skimboard.

For UK conditions, its wise to go for the thicker 3/4 inch version which gives more float in our conditions where waves break further out.

Exile Traditional Rocker Skimboard

Exile Traditional Rocker Skimboard

This traditional rocker skimboard from Exile is nearly flat except for the nose which has a kick in it. This is a well proven design with several benefits.

The traditional rocker boards excel at keeping their speed. This is of tremendous importance when skimboarding at locations where the waves are not powerful or near the shore. Every skimboarder has had the experience of sinking before they can reach a wave. These boards minimize that.

This shape will be the best choice for riders who do not have heavy shorebreak in their area. However, these boards are slightly harder to turn, and you may find you will get hooked up on the lip of the wave.

Again, the 3/4inch option is a good idea for our UK conditions.

Exile Constant Rocker Skimboard

The constant rocker skimboards are curved throughout their entire length. This makes them highly manoeuvrable, but at the expense of planing distance.

Therefore they are only really suited to advanced skimboarders where the waves are breaking very close to shore. For this reason we wouldn’t recommend them for the majority of UK beaches.

If you do decide you want one, then you will have one of the most responsive skimboards available on the market today!

In Conclusion

If you are moving to a top end skimboard for the first time, and not sure exactly what you want from your board, then stick to the Hybrid Rocker skimboard and you can’t go to far wrong.

As you progress you will understand what you want from your board and will be able to to tailor it to your liking with the traditional or constant.

In an ideal world, or if money is not a problem – get 1 of each for all types of beach situation! ;)

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