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Paignton “You Chuze” Surf Challenge Photos

A couple of weekends ago, when Paignton had some surf, the local crew organised a “You Chuze” surf contest.

Its a fun concept, where you have to choose from 4 old boards from the 70’s and 80’s and use that in your heat. No modern boards allowed. Prizes were kindly donated by Volcom, so everybody went away with something.

The top 4 ended up as

  1. Gary “Beardy” Wells
  2. Ross Postie!
  3. Chop Master Kev
  4. Adam Wootton

So for you viewing pleasure, here is some of the photos from the day.

If anybody is interested, here are the official rules – lol

1. You get to chose one of the nifty boards that pushed the envelope of technology. Sadly its the technological envelope of the cavemen surfers of the early seventies and eighties.

2. You only get to use any particular board the once, and I’m sure there will be no regrets about that.

3. First choice of board will be decided by drawing lots with much less corruption than usual, but obviously there will still be a bit. Don’t expect me to be in a heat before lunchtime although that will be decided by the machine Arthur and the set of balls called Gwendoline.

4. You are more likely to invent a new colour than win the lottery – what is wrong with you people.

5. Rule 4 is not actually a rule just an observation.

6. If Judy is unavailable, judging will be by people willing to hang about and randomly write numbers on clipboards.

7. There will be prizes, oh yes.

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