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Results: 2012 International Skimboarding Contest – Newquay

By Dan Horan of Skim UK

The contest was a great success and was won by Axel Cristol from France. Ollie Bowen secured a second consecutive highest UK rider spot and finished 3rd. There were cash prizes for the top 3 riders.

Our youngest rider this year was Matthew Ward, aged 9. For the second year in a row, we held a Junior contest which featured 9 enthusiastic committed skimboarders. This was won by Lewis Newbould from Paignton, Devon, UK.

We ran the contest through on the Saturday. The waves were big and powerful but relatively clean. The weather seemed to improve on Sunday but you can’t have all the luck! We visited the Flow Rider in Newquay on Sunday. It was a great experience, lots of photos and videos that shall be appearing online soon.

Thanks for all the help and support from Sandskater, Skim UK, Skim GB, Circle One, Zap Skimboards, Exile Skimboards, Infiniti Pro and Xee Skim Media. We need guys like you supporting the event in order to make the contest a success and to continue to cement our reputation of having one of the most well organised skimboarding contests out there.

Junior Results:
1. Lewis Newbould
2. Will Nicolle
3. Jack Watson
4. Will Pedrick
5. Danny Ellis
6. Toby Jones
7. Simon Penny
8. Lewis Horne
9. Matthew Ward

Open Results:
1. Axel Cristol FR
2. Tristan Lamy FR
3. Ollie Bowen UK
4. Benoit Desplebin FR
5. Edouard Chauvet FR
6. Mark Mason UK
7. Alex Young UK
8. Ned Weight UK
9. Adam Searle UK
10. Joe Brocklebank UK
11. Luke Chinnock UK
12. Dan Horan UK

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