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Sandskater is an online skim, surf & skate blog, specialising in skimboards and the sport of skimboarding. The company started in May 2000, but has roots back to 1989.

Sandskater Background
Sandskater is owned by Matt Martin and was born out of a passion for the sport of skimboarding. Growing up on the English Rivera in Devon, Sandskater started by making woody skimboards from a garage whilst still at school in 1989. Find out more about Sandskater and the story behind Sandskater.

Sandskater has been featured in:

  • BBC2 Working Lunch program
  • ITV Westcountry Live
  • South Hams radio
  • BBC Radio Devon
  • Daily Telegraph newspaper
  • Herald Express newspaper
  • South Hams Gazette
  • Bournemouth Echo
  • Metro Magazine
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Articles Written About Sandskater

In the last few years, people have written a fair bit of stuff about Sandskater, and we’ve compiled it into one page so you can have a browse through. Click on an article to see the larger version

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