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Sandskater’s beach naming policy

Some spots are still secret!We often get a few emails asking where the certain beaches are that people have seen here on the website, and people have asked why we don’t post up the names of some of the spots.

Some beaches are still secret spots, and have a strong local presence. In the past, on occasion, I have been asked by the locals not broadcast where certain spots are – and we respect this.

The locals are usually happy to have us there because we are respectful and don’t turn up en-masse with half a dozen different cars and 15 people. It’s also because we had put in the effort to research their area, and spend time and fuel hunting out different beaches on different tides and swell conditions.

So, for the record, the rule of thumb we use for naming certain spots is as follows:

If the beach doesn’t have its own forecast on Magicseaweed, then we usually won’t name it on the website.

There are occasions when we will give out the general area where we went, and it would be up to you to put in some of the groundwork!

Seek and you shall find – that’s what we did!

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