Skimboard Construction – whats your board made from?

Gone are the days when round pieces of wood were used as skimboards. Modern skimboards use some of the most advanced materials and construction methods available. Technology adapted from aerospace industry results in a high performance board built to take the extreme forces involved in riding shorebreak waves.

There’s a lot of exotic materials in your skimboard, so to shed some light on the construction, lets take a little look over the most common materials used to make a skimboard.


This is the most common fibre reinforcement used in the composites world. It is popular because it offers very good performance for how much it costs. It is not as strong or stiff as the higher priced Sglass and Carbon, but is still a high quality material. All beginner, intermediate and some top end skimboards use this type of fibreglass.


Texalium is regular E-glass coated with aluminium. This gives it an amazing metallic shiney look, which makes your board sparkle in the sunlight. However, its mainly used for the shiny effect, and isn’t much stronger than regular e-glass. You’ll find Texalium is used in some high end Zap Skimboards.


S glass stands for structural fibreglass. It is 30% stronger than regular fibreglass and about 15% stiffer. It also costs more than twice as much! But when you are buying a high end board it is important to pay a little extra for the things that will make it last. S-glass makes the board significantly stronger than a regular fibreglass board and a little bit stiffer too and you’ll find it used in high end skimboards.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon is about twice as strong and twice as stiff as regular fibreglass and is exactly the same material that they build Formula 1 cars from! Carbon fibre results in a board that is very strong and also very stiff. The downside is that carbon is expensive, so this is reflected in the carbon skimboard prices.

Polyester Resin

This is the most common resin used in skimboard construction. It is also used in the construction of surfboards.

You’ll find it used in all Zap and Victoria skimboards.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is used in high end skimboard construction. It is more expensive than regular polyester resin and the physical properties are much better. It is used in all Exile skimboards, and is available as an option on the top end Zap and Victoria skimboards.

So there you have it, a little introduction into the materials that make up your skimboard. As you can see, your skimboard is made from some pretty cool materials, and they all come together to make an awesome product that is both durable and strong.

Now all that needs to be done is find a material that will stop those damn stone dings! :?

If you have any questions on any aspect of skimboard construction, post them in the comments below, email us.

The information on this page has been adapted from the Exile Skimboards website. Used with permission

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  1. Ah yeah, gone are the days of woodies, but i remember those days; losing my board under the sand for a few hours, not good. then it was Victoria and Slotstik battling in out a boards really began to progress. now there a lot more companies out there, pushing the envelope on materials, construction, and designs, its great to see!
    great blog and site as well, keep it up!
    skim always!

  2. wow you are so good i love this site and you are so helpful. now wanting a e or s glass or carbon fiber skim board and without this info i wouldn’t know what to choses

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