Circle One Skimboards

Circle One EPS SkimboardCircle One have been one of the best, if not the best, UK skimboard manufacturers so far.

The Circle One range of skimboards are great for first time skimmers, or for skimmers on a budget. The woodys and soft top skimboards are superb for kids and beginners.

The Circle One epoxy EPS foam core boards come in sizes from 39 inch to 52 inch depending on what you weigh. They are fantastic entry level wave riding boards and are great for intermediate riders looking to get out further and reach some waves!

Lets take a little look at the range of boards, their sizes and weight ranges:

Circle One Woody Skimboards

Circle One Woody SkimboardThe Circle One Woody skimboards are made from 9mm marine plywood which is strong and durable. They are great as a first board to allow you to get a feel for skimboarding without costing too much money.

The woody boards come in 2 lengths: 37inch at around £30 and the 41inch at around £40.

  • Circle One Woody Small:37″ length – ideal for riders up to 11 stone
  • Circle One Woody Large:41″ length – ideal for riders up to 14 stone.

Circle One ESD Soft Top Skimboards

Circle One Soft Top SkimboardThe soft top skimboards from Circle One are a great board for somebody wanting to try wave riding for the first time, or who is looking to step up from a woody board.

The soft top boards have hard fibreglass bottoms, but the top is made from a tough closed cell bodyboard type foam. This means that the board is more forgiving on your ankles when you are trying to land tricks.

Prices for the Circle One soft top skimboards are around £90-£115 depending on the size.:

  • 41 inch: ideal for riders under 8 stone.
  • 45 inch: ideal for riders under 9 stone.
  • 48 inch: ideal for riders under 10 stone.
  • 50 inch: ideal for riders under 11 stone.

Circle One EPS Epoxy Skimboards

Circle One EPS SkimboardThe Circle One EPS epoxy skimboards are full wave riding skimboards. They have an EPS foam core which is laminated with fibreglass and epoxy. This makes them strong and light.

The epoxy skimboards are a great entry level wave riding boards. They come in two different tail designs, pin tail and fish tail. The pin tail holds in the wave face easier, but the fish tail is a little more loose, so you can release the tail a bit easier.

All the Circle One epoxy skimboards are manufactured in a range sizes to accommodate all riders, with prices starting around £135 for the smaller boards, to about £160 for the larger boards.

  • 39 inch: ideal for riders under 8 stone.
  • 43 inch: ideal for riders under 9 stone.
  • 46 inch: ideal for riders under 10 stone.
  • 50 inch: ideal for riders under 11 stone.
  • 52 inch: ideal for riders under 13 stone.

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